Thursday, April 19, 2012

The death certificate...

My husband comes through again! He was able to obtain an uncertified copy of my Dad's death certificate via the town clerk's office. He used his awesome recruiting skills and was promptly faxed a copy to the office. Thanks Hon!
Anyway, (as he read it to me over the phone)the death certificate lists my grandparents as the "next of kin". I find this very odd considering he had 2 "of age", biological daughters. Also, his cause of death was listed septicemia d/t pneumonia/aspiration pneumonia d/t dementia/brain tumor. I don't know what I was expecting and I'm not sure how to feel. I know I am sad and I feel some anger coming back. I really hope I can get this all out, swallow it and let it go. I think this is going to be part healing process, part medical history research. I don't want the anger and hurt to come back about all of the events that surrounded this whole terrible situation.

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